Sunday, December 1, 2013

Updated cookies!

The not so scary Jack o lantern!  I used Butterscotch candy crushed up to make the stain glass window effect!

No thanksgiving feast is complete without festive turkey and pumpkin pie cookies.

 I made these cookies to help brighten the day for a couple of sweet, sweet children!

 My Festive mini cookie tins.  I think Mary's Mini's are my favorite!

One year for Christmas, all my husband wanted, was for me to make a gingerbread house that we could keep at our house.  This is what I made for him!

 Festive Christmas tins for a table setting.  Halloween and Christmas cookies are my favorite to make!


  1. hahhahahaha............lovely and very creative cookies. The idea is very unique and special.

  2. I like the jack o thus a mold or did you cut it out yourself then make the butterscotch fikkifi? Would love to try these!